Yachts, Tropical Islands, Sun-Kissed Beaches? Yes,You Can!


Have you ever dreamed about chartering a yacht, messing about in deep, clear blue tropical waters and mooring beside an ivory beach, far from the crowds and the winter weather? Well, you can stop dreaming because relaxing on a luxury yacht could well be far more accessible than you think.

A Different Type Of Yachting

Yachts and yachting are traditionally associated with the rich and famous and the idea of chartering, or even owning, a yacht, would seem to be out of the reach of most people, particularly if sailing to exotic destinations abroad.

However as more and more of the world becomes accessible to many of us, inventive companies, such as Sunsail, have extended the range of locations offered for sailing and yachting holidays.


By extending the range and nature of packages available, to include activities like team building and corporate events, Sunsail have also enlarged the number of people who can benefit from a yachting holiday. These type of events, of course, don’t just provide an experience of yachting, but also help develop and improve other valuable skills.


Take the Indian Ocean, for example, one part of the world that certainly conjures up images of sapphire seas, deserted beaches and endless sunshine. If you have ever thought of visiting this beautiful and unspoilt part of the world, consider the benefit of chartering your very own yacht; then you could reach all those solitary islands, far from the madding crowds.

What better way to enjoy the balmy, endlessly sunny days, using the famous trade-winds to your advantage? Trace the colonial history of these special islands, re-creating the adventures of the sailors of old, as they searched for exotic spices and experienced unknown and mysterious cultures.

Group Holidays

The great thing about this type of sailing holiday is that you can share the cost and the unique experience by inviting your family and friends, thereby enjoying a ready-made sociable holiday in a destination of your dreams. Vessels come with an impressive array of equipment and kit, enabling you to indulge in a spot of scuba diving, or other water sports.

If your ideal holiday involves nothing more than relaxing in the sun, then you certainly won’t be disappointed in a sailing holiday. Lie back and relax, watch the more adventurous splash about in the water whilst you look out for some marine life, or simply relax and catch up with your reading.

Don’t worry about any lack of experience either. If sailing is something that you have always wanted to try, but have never had the time, or opportunity, there are numerous sailing courses and sailing schools available where you can learn to sail, or hone any existing skills. Alternatively, you can charter a yacht, complete with your very own experienced skipper who will take care of everything connected with sailing the yacht, leaving you to concentrate on the important things, such as which island you feel like visiting next, or what courses you fancy for dinner that night. Being in close quarters with experienced professional sailors will also give you an unrivaled insight into how to improve your own sailing skills.

There has never been so much choice about how and where we spend our downtime. Choosing a sailing holiday allows you the freedom to escape the crowds, to come and go as you please and do as little or as much as you want, all in the wonderful surroundings of a fully-equipped, luxury yacht.

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