Wild Life Safari – A Chance To Enjoy The Species Of Wild Life In A Thrilling Way


There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than planning a wild life safari this holiday season with your family and friends. It is like a dream come true for nature lovers who always think to once enjoy safari in wild life parks and sanctuaries. Actually, they are very popular as a tourist’s destination and are truly a visual treat to have a look at the animals from a near distance in their natural surroundings. The only things you need to do are to plan a trip and enjoy every moment of the safari trip.

Mostly people consider African wild life safari as it is the store house of many wild animals and nature’s creation at its best. Every year more number of travelers from all around the world enjoy their safari drives in an adventurous way. Actually, it is to the knowledge of people that they understand safari trip related to African safari as it is the most well known wild life natural habitat from years.

Enjoy amazing wild life safaris

Indian wildlife safaris are anything but tame as ferocious animals roam in the lush rain forests while leopards make footprints in the Himalayan ranges and snow zone. The main aim of having a wild life safari is to view the big cats which are elusive the wild tigers. But the trip does not end here as there are many incredible species including 1250 kinds of birds to view and enjoy the sight. Here the Asian rhino is the most endangered mammal and more than it the greatest fear is from the disappearing tiger which is rarely to sight. But, thanks to the conservation methods and programs of Indian government that it has maintained national park system for wild life and wild life safaris to enjoy them from every direction in any season.

Make your trip memorable with safari ride

As you have decided your place to visit this holiday, make it complete with safari rides in the jungles and deserts of Gujarat, jungles of Kerala, savannah scrub in Madhya Pradesh which have improved their attraction to tourist and makes your trip memorable till the last minute of your stay. If you are interested to have a look at the wild life of tigers then you need to head to Madhya Pradesh and for top elephant safaris, plan to the southern region.

From there you can enjoy your trip to Agra, Delhi and Jaipur which is excellent environment for birds and tiger. As all the sanctuaries and parks do not have the facility of safaris, you need to check the travel mode into the jungle or park and then plan your further trip.

Where to see the top wild life

The best place to enjoy the top wild life is Karnataka which has six tiger reserves with about 300 tigers in them. Try your trip at Bandipur National park to enjoy the amazing sights of wild cats. Apart from tigers, you can enjoy the natural sightseeing of elephants mostly in Kerala which has full of huge and gorgeous animals in Mudumalai national park in Tamilnadu. Along with this, Bandhavgarh has more number of leopards with sambar deer’s which is the most marvelous sightseeing wild life safari to make your trip successful and the best of the year.

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