Thinking about a Holiday? How about Norfolk Island?


If you are going to be traveling between New Zealand and Australia or will be visiting one of these two locales, why not think about stopping off or taking a holiday on Norfolk Island? Norfolk Island, a small Pacific island, is located between New Zealand and Australia and is part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The island, along with two adjacent Islands, is one of the external territories of Australia. The island, which is home to about 2,300 residents, is about 34 km or 14 square miles in size. The island’s capital is Kingston.


Therefore, if you have been thinking of a travel holiday, you can purchase a number of budget travel packages for Norfolk Island holidays. Travel packages allow you to experience a number of interesting sites and attractions and become familiar with the local cuisine.

A Visit to Chef’s School

For example, one package advertises a Norfolk Blue home meal, which includes a choice of five local dishes. The package is ideal for foodies since it includes two delicious breakfasts or lunches at establishments like the Governor’s Lodge and even a day at chef school. Visitors who attend chef school can enjoy a three-course lunch, which they are guided to make themselves. The lunch includes a choice of wine as well.

A Travel Package to Kingston

Another Norfolk travel package includes a convict tour in Kingston—visiting an historical jail where convicts once lived. A progressive dinner is featured as well as an island fish fry. Attendees get to mingle and nibble while savouring the sunset. A Tahitian dancing demonstration precedes the sumptuous dinner.

A Former Penal Colony

Norfolk Island was once a penal island, so convict tours are usually an interesting excursions. A sound-and-light show in the evening presents how convicts once lived at night. Attendees don’t even have to get off the tour bus. The island is also home to a national park—a place that is well-received by hikers and birders alike. Therefore, if you are planning to visit cities in Australia or New Zealand, a Norfolk Island stopover is a welcome inclusion when you are planning a holiday.

Creating an Itinerary – Review the Travel Packages

The best way to create an itinerary is to look online and view your selections in travel packages. If you choose an affordable package, your trip planning is made all that much easier. Knowing the history of the place you plan to visit beforehand can also make your holiday more memorable and interesting. For example, Norfolk Island was settled by the East Polynesians and colonised by Great Britain.

In 1788, the island was a settlement of Australia, although at the time it was not yet inhabited. The island served as a penal colony until 1885, with the exception of one period, between 1814 and 1825, when the settlement was abandoned. In 1856, the island was set up as a permanent civilian residence.

The Norfolk Island pine is the island’s symbol and is pictured on the island’s flag. The tree is also a well-recognised ornamental on the mainland of Australia.

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