The Best of Windermere in 5 Days

The Best of Windermere in 5 Days

It is a known fact that the Lake District of Windermere is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in all UK. It is one of the many reasons why it is often on the top of one’s list when they feel like taking a break from it all and get lost amidst nature.

Without further ado let us dive straight into the topic where we will tell you how you can spend 5 days in Windermere and soak in all that the Lake District has to offer. That being said, don’t forget to book Windermere accommodations to make sure a comfortable stay. Be sure that you have made arrangements for your stay in advance.

Day 1

After you arrive at the Lake District be sure to kick-start your journey by taking a cruise across the clear waters of the Derwentwater lake. Be advised that if you want to capture the lake in all of its glory, it is best to visit the same during the evening hours. The lake will be bathing in pastel colours and will look spectacular as it will be surrounded by fells lit up with the faint light of the setting sun.

Day 2

After your tiring journey and the first-day visit to the Derwentwater lake, reserve the second day for you to enjoy a few drinks and meet new people. There are several local pubs in the area that are known for their homely ambience and friendly crowds. That being said, you need to visit these pubs as most of them often make hefty donations to the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. You should drink to that, right?

Day 3

The third day should begin with you taking a stroll to the Castlerigg Stone Circle. It sits on top of a hill located just outside Keswick. Back in the day, it was an important place for pre-historic builders which today serve as a simple reminder of how it all began in the area. Fret not, the place is still popular for the impressive views it offers to weary travellers who long for a glimpse of the surrounding fells.

Day 4

It is clear that you are here at the Lake District for a break from all the hassles of the city life. Bear with us as we would advise you to hop into a car and take the south route with Borrowdale as your destination. Borrowdale is a Lakeland valley that is popular among backpackers and globetrotters alike for its picturesque views. The dry-stone walls, bottle-green coloured meadows riddled with small, slate-topped cottages are a sight to behold. Don’t forget to visit the local attractions like the Watendlath Tarn and the Lodore Falls.

Day 5

Since this is the last day, it is best to end your trip to the Lake District with a bang which is why take a walk through the cobbled streets of Keswick and keep on walking about three miles to the north to witness the beauty of the Bassenthwaite Lake. There are several eateries in the area where not only you would get your favourite country cuisines but can also shop for souvenirs as well.

The best time of the year to visit the Lake District is the summer. On top of that, when you finally visit the Lake District, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local festivals like the Grasmere Sports Day. Be sure to leave your experiences of the Lake District in the comments section below.

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