Things to Do in the City of Leeds

Leeds is one of the most interesting cities in the county of Yorkshire, with an almost endless list of historical sights, which includes the famous Corn Exchange, a mixture of retail stores and dining establishments. This iconic Grade I listed building is a must-see for anyone holidaying in Leeds, and the inside has to be seen to be believed. Accommodation The best bed & breakfast in Leeds can easily be


Millions of us have enjoyed short break holidays in many of the world’s greatest cities, of course, and have been happy to sample a hot dog in Times Square and a gentle stroll along the Champs-Élysées. In most destinations, just about all of the major attractions will be located in the centre of the city itself, so the average tourist would never even consider visiting the outskirts. Anyone who is


Travelling is fun, and people like going to exotic places for business or pleasure. However, even the best-planned trips can become marred if you are not adequately prepared for surprises. Today, smartphone applications have made it possible for travelers to prepare for a trip and deal with surprises along the way. Here are some of the applications that you will appreciate as you travel to Asia. Converter Plus You need


Thanks to the ever-powerful beast that is climate change the world is changing rapidly, meaning that many beautiful destinations won’t be around for much longer. Thanks to the lightening speed rate at which global warming is eroding the landscape of our planet we may be the last generation to benefit from the opportunity to visit some of the World’s most beautiful locations. So, whilst you can, check out these fabulous


In the world of Formula One racing, there are few events that rank more highly than the Monaco Grand Prix. Steeped in history and glamour, this world famous race draws crowds from around the world to the streets of this tiny principality. If you’re a fan of Formula One, watching the race on television will probably be a sporting highlight, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it the flesh to


If you are going to be traveling between New Zealand and Australia or will be visiting one of these two locales, why not think about stopping off or taking a holiday on Norfolk Island? Norfolk Island, a small Pacific island, is located between New Zealand and Australia and is part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The island, along with two adjacent Islands, is one of the external territories of Australia.