Bali – A Tour Destination Like No Other

Bali - A Tour Destination Like No Other

It is true when we say that Bali is a tour destination like no other. It has a taste of everything – nature, modernity, serenity, calmness and enjoyment. Bali can give you the ultimate escape from your everyday tension and ease you into world of five-star treatment in an exotic environment. Bali has to offer countless things to do and services which we can`t possibly be all done in one trip. But we can plan certain activities that absolutely are not to be missed.

To help you plan the perfect trip, we have gathered the top eight things you absolutely should do when you come to Bali. Without these activities, your trip to Bali maybe as dull as the color grey so liven up and enjoy the trip!

  1. The Balinese Massage:

The Balinese massage has its own perks because it is said to be one of the best kinds of massage there is. When you lie under the hands of experts who rub and massage out all the tension from your body then you will agree too. Bali massagehas a certain edge because it combines natural products with modern techniques to give you the experience you`ll never forget. AMO Spa, one of the top spa centers and beauty salon in Bali is responsible for giving its guests an awesome experience which will make you ecstatic about spending every penny on this trip. You’ll never want to leave this place, and you’ll definitely recommend it to everyone you know.

  1. Enjoy Delicious and Healthy Food:

We all know that Bali is famous for its nightlife and dinner menus but what we don’t know is that Bali offers topnotch breakfast menus too like the Canggu breakfast. Guaranteed to make your taste bud dance, AMO Canngu not only gives you a great beauty experience but also satisfies your inner foodie.  With a tempting and varied breakfast menu, you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

  1. Riding Through the Wilderness:

There’s so much to see in Bali, how to get to see as much as possible if your time is limited?Bali quadbiking is one way to roam through the wilderness of Bali. It would be as though you are in a movie with the sand running beneath the tires and the greenery splashing by just like a painting on a canvas. Bali Island ATV is a popular place where you can enjoy ATV rides under expert supervision and have the adventure you always dreamed about.

  1. Beautiful villas of Bali:

The beautiful villas of Bali are all part of the Bali experience; plenty of space, private swiomming pools and your own team of staff are just some of the reasons why. A3 bedroom villa Baliis a perfect optinos if you’re travelling with family or a group of friends. Hu’u Villas are popular in Bali for their luxury villas for families, singles and honeymooners so get your loved ones and enjoy this luxury!

  1. Explore Ubud:

Ubud is known as the cultural and artistic capital of Bali and it’s also a hub for yoga enthusiasts. This hill town sits amongst the greenery of the jungle and rice paddies, and is intersected by deep ravines where rivers rumble over rapids. Ubud villasare a great option for your accommodation whilst staying in this beautiful town. You’ll breath in the magical air from dawn till dusk whilst enjoying simply stunning views.

  1. Swim in with the beauty of the sea:

The sea itself is a mesmerizing place, and Bali offers incredible extreme activities like scuba diving or deep sea diving. Bali Tours and Mores offer Bali divingwhich is an unforgettable  experience. You`ll be able to come face to face with creatures of the sea. What’s more you can be sure that you’ll be diving with experienced and qualified guides. So if it’s a one day fun dive or a longer course to get your PADI certification, you’ll be in safe hands.

Other activities in Bali which you may enjoy include:

  1. Taking a peek at the Gili Islands:

The Gili Islands are like the complimentary tourist attraction next to Bali. It’s like a floating garden of beauty on the crystal clear sea just waiting to be admired and explored. If you are thinking about taking a short trip to the Gili Islands then the best way to do it is through fast boats. Gili transfersare the best option for getting there and the journey to the islands through the sea is worth every cent. Patagona Xpress is is the newest boat offering safe and fast transport to the Gili Islands on the comfortable boat. Book your ticket online via their website.

  1. Enjoy Balinese Hospitality in a Hotel

No matter what your budget, Bali is home to some fantastic hotels, from budget to five star to Bali family resorts you’ll find a great place to enjoy your final days on the island before heading home. Bali Hotels and More is an online hotel booking website specializing in Bali hotels so you can be sure of getting great advice and deals from the experts, as well as enjoying the convenience of booking and paying securely online.

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