Travel Tips


If you are contemplating the possibility of buying that engagement ring and proposing to your beloved, or if you are happily married and want to show your spouse how much you love her, or him, then here are a few ideas of where might be the most romantic place to either make that proposition or show your other half that time has not dimmed the light of your love or


Most of the people that are planning a vacation or a holiday are stressed out about the things they have to do and the planning they need to carry out in terms of getting everything done just the way they want to. According to travel experts, the best getaways are the ones that are enjoyed equally before, during and after the trip and it take planning and selection mechanisms to


You are surely familiar with the old cliché – everything’s bigger in Texas. It certainly applies to the state’s golf scene. Depending on where you are headed to, you might be playing golf near desert, mountain or ocean, and get a superb taste of the game. Those seeking a dash of urban experience can hop to any of the 200 Fort-Worth-Dallas area golf courses or the ones that dot the


With the rising cost of keeping a car on the road, you may find that taking the train could be cheaper for longer journeys. Many are choosing to travel by rail rather than road, especially when going on holiday. You can relax on a train in a way you can’t do in a car or on a coach – you’re able to eat, drink and even use your laptop or


Israel is a fascinating place to visit all year round thanks to its magnificent historical sites and host of natural attractions. Winter, which lasts from November through to March, can be cold and rainy across certain parts of the country, while summer – which starts in May and ends in October is hot and dry, with hardly any rain. Some areas stay warm right through the year, and summer temperatures